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For this spring’s collection gsus went on a far-eastern road trip to find nocturnal inspiration on a street circuit. Super fast Japanese speed bikes clash with Eastern tradition and cult like horror.

The Japanese modesty and the cleanliness of the Eastern tradition are a spectacular contrast with the loud en blatant graphics of the super bike racing scene. Combined with a horror influence that is related to the trashy urban skate scene of the eighties, with its bloody and slimy graphics, the gsus-mix for the spring 2008 collection comes into being: Oriental Speed Zombies.


The female silhouette is skinny and elongated. The bottoms hardly have volume, while volume accents can be found in the tops. Shoulders often have padding and sleeves come in balloon and bat-shape (even in swimwear!). Tops and sweats are extra long.

Striking shapes in the collection are: ultra tiny and tight shorts, body stockings, and balloon and kimono sleeves.

The males too have a long and slim silhouette. The skinny pants have low crotches. We are glad to see the Oxford bag again. T-shirts are long and oversized, yet sleek in silhouette.


Prints illustrate this collection’s theme. We see a finish flag and other race graphics, but also an allover of drops of blood. The t-shirt prints are big and distinct, reminding us of the 80s, omnipresent. Prints on other collection items are far more sober.


For women there are fluent, supple and transparent fabrics. Oriental shiny satin, embroideries, flower prints and lace form a contrast with rough, tough pants and coloured denims.

For men loads of tough male fabrics, of which one contains some steal. Next to comfortable fabrics with vintage washings, there are clean washings. In general the materials are light and pleasant. Glossy satin nylons and coloured denims are available for men as well.


Since fall 2007 gsus has a spread delivery in 4 monthly blocks, so this season as well! Every month (December, January, February, March) there will be a new, coordinated look with a different colour theme.

The first block is mainly black combined with primary colours.

Very warm colours dominate the second block.

The third block contains cool Eastern pastels with black&white prints.

The final is a black&white block with single pastels (elephant pink) as colour accents.

The prints are intense and contrasting in colour.

Welcome to heavens playground!

more information:

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