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When we arrived at Lagonissi, and before we were even shown our rooms, we met with Penny Papageorgiou, the Communications Director of the resort to get a kind of “background” on the place and what it was about. I didn’t immediately register all that she was saying (we had left Bucharest very early in the morning, it was a long hot ride in from the airport, etc.). But I do remember asking her to tell me, if there was one single thing that made this place different from all the other resorts, what would that one single thing be? And the reason I remembered this was because her answer not only caught me completely off-guard, but left me totally confused. Where I expected her to tell me about some definite “thing”, instead she answered, in a sort of haiku-like way, that what makes Lagonissi different is “the blue on blue on blue.” When I asked her what she meant by that she just replied, “You’ll see,”

And I did. And how! And you get the first hit of this “Blue3” effect as soon as you open the door to your bungalow (which is what you will see on Daniela’s VideoBlog). But the magnum effect from “Blue3” comes after you actually get into your room. Let me explain:
The first blue in the “Blue3” equation is the turquoise blue of your pool that sits about ten feet from your bed. The second blue is the azure vastness of the Aegean, that lies (seemingly) directly above (somehow) the lighter blue of the pool and gets darker as it stretches toward infinity, before it finally meets the washed, light sapphire blue of the endless sky. Pow!
Like I said, you can see “Blue3” when you first get to your bungalow. But its effect is diluted by the tile around the pool, the walls encasing the bungalow, and other sights near and far that you, naturally, take in with any scene. But from your bed, and through the walk-through, ceiling high windows that look out toward the sea, all you see is, literally, blue on blue on blue, and it is breath-taking. And, even better, this “Blue3” effect changes throughout the day and as conditions change, i.e. as the sky becomes overcast or more sunny, the sea gets choppy or more calm, as the day slowly strolls toward evening – they all have an effect on the different qualities and changing palettes of discrete “blues” and their interaction with each other.

But, perhaps, my favorite “Blue3” variation occurs at night, when the underwater lights of your pool make its blue more sparkling, almost psychedelic, and lighter in direct contrast with the heavy deep indigo of the sea, beyond and the way the sea seamlessly melds into the dark navy eternity of the night above it. Obviously, I immediately became fanatical about the “Blue3” effect in all its forms, but particularly in its nocturnal variations. One hot night, after a very late night dinner, we came back to the bungalow to find a full, pale moon hanging low above the Aegean, its dramatic effect coursing over the “blues” and entering directly into our bedroom. There was no choice: I immediately shed my clothes and jumped into the pool. When I got to its far, western, side, I leaned on my elbows and saw a shimmering highway of sparkling diamonds that seemed to issue directly from the distant moon and were slowly moving with the tide toward me. Below, I heard the Aegean washing against the rocky beach directly beneath me in small, breath-like gasps. Maybe it was the champagne we had with dinner, maybe it was “Blue3.” I didn’t know, I didn’t care, and only knew that I felt entirely intoxicated into some new dimension.

You can see for yourself a film version of the “Blue3” effect in Daniela’s accompanying video, and also get a good look at the inside of the bungalows as well. But, speaking from a personal point of view, be careful! Even from the remove of video viewing, this stuff is dangerously addictive.

For more details or other information about Lagonissi Grand Resort-, please contact the Romanian representative, Andreea Ogrezeanu at: +40.021.313.2840- Pythia International,



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