VideoFashion Captain’s House Restaurant & Bar- Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece Captain’s House Restaurant & Bar- Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece
One of the best features of Lagonissi Grand Resort is the amazing array of restaurants they have on the peninsula. There are twelve of them altogether, each with a different theme or emphasis, and one of the great adventures the resort offers is to explore a different one every night.

We quickly became the greatest fans of “Captain’s House”, the resort’s Italian restaurant, for a number of reasons, including the fact that the food was such a revelation – it was very Italian, but light and airy and almost whimsical in a way we hadn’t experienced Italian food before. Another reason we became big fans was the “look & feel” of the restaurant which, instead of using the expected “sea motif” of lifesavers or nautical paraphernalia uses the sea itself, which just happens to be the beautiful Aegean. Of course this is so simple as to be obvious, but how many times have you ever seen such simplicity used to such great effect? And in a restaurant? You can see for yourself in Daniela’s first videoBlog today, “Captain’s House.” As you will see, everywhere Daniela films as she goes through the restaurant, there is the Aegean in the background. As you come into the restaurant, your eyes naturally go out to the deck where the tables are, and where it feels like you are eating “at sea.” Upstairs, in the “play area,” instead of seeing pictures of ships on the walls or something silly like that, the paintings on the wall are simply portraits of variations of the color blue, and seem to be reflecting the sea outside. (I could go on and on about this, but see the film instead.)

Also do not miss the interview with Denio Bruci, the Italian Chef of the Captain’s House posted here.

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