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Lagonissi is a new concept of “City Resort” that is, technically speaking, part of Athens but, in actuality, encompasses an entire peninsula that extends out into and is totally surrounded by the Aegean Sea. The only thing on the peninsula is the resort so that you feel at all times as if you are on some remote Greek island, with views of the sea wherever you turn. But, in the world of reality you have left behind, you can be in downtown Athens in about 45 minutes by car (or, approximately the time it takes to navigate downtown Bucharest traffic for a weekday meeting).

I had to constantly remind myself of this fact of being so close to “civilization” because the entire time I spent at Lagonissi it felt like I was so “far away.” And you get this feeling from the moment you enter the peninsula. Coming down to Lagonissi from the Athens airport (which is about an hour away by car) you pass though some blatantly commercial areas and a very dry, hot and arid landscape of small towns and desert-like topography. And then you make the turn off from the highway onto the causeway connecting to the resort and as soon as you enter you feel like you have gone through some sort of Hollywood - magic transformation into a separate world of lush green surroundings backgrounded everywhere you look with the deep azure blue of the Aegean Sea. And that “reality adjustment” moment is just the introduction to a place that really does alter your perception of a holiday “get-away,” no matter what that perception happened to be before coming to Lagonissi.

My wife, Daniela, and I stayed at Lagonissi one weekend recently. She shot some video and I will write a few words to try to capture this special feeling and the feelings we had. This first video, “The Tour,” was, ironically, shot at nearly the end of our stay because we wanted to show the scope of the resort, how big the peninsula is, the variety of individual “destinations” on the resort you can go to, and the sheer lushness of the place. I say “ironically” because you cannot actually “see” too much of these individual destinations because the resort was designed to be privately experienced – everything is oriented outward, toward the Aegean, and secluded by the rich vegetation and grounds that envelope them. But what you will see and, I hope, feel is that “transformational” experience of being in the middle of the Aegean, of being surrounded by the deep green of sea pines, palm trees, exotic island flowers and of being seduced by the special “mystique” that the Greek islands are famous for. Enjoy!

For more details or other information about Lagonissi Grand Resort-, please contact the Romanian representative, Andreea Ogrezeanu at: +40.021.313.2840- Pythia International,



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