VideoFashion Ouzeri, the “Authentic” Greek Taverna Experience- Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece Ouzeri, the “Authentic” Greek Taverna Experience- Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece I would like to tell you all about the inimitable and distinctive experience of eating at an authentic Greek Taverna. Except for the fact that I have only eaten at a Greek Taverna twice in my whole life – the first time at the Greek Taverna of Ouzeri at the Grand Resort of Lagonissi, and the second time at Ouzeri at the Grand Resort of Lagonissi.
Now that I have established my impeccable credentials as a Greek Taverna expert, let me tell you what it was like:
The first time I ate there was after I had caught up with Daniela after she had interviewed the chef and his assistant for the videoBlog you can see today by clicking at the left of this column. He had already made some grilled octopus for her after showing her (as you will see in her video) how they dried the undersea beast in nets at the restaurant during the day. I was (naturally, I think) very reluctant to try such a creature for the first time, but Daniela, who is less daring than I as a food “experimenter,” told me how delicious it was, and gave me the courage to go ahead and give it a try. It was fantastic! And so we ordered some more food – a Greek sausage and vegetable combo deal for me (it has a name, I just don’t rememberit), more octopus and a Greek salad for Daniela, and Greek beer for the both of us. These, obviously, were not exactly the most adventurous choices in the world, but I can say they were just really excellent in a way I had never had before. Then something really interesting happened.
One of the reasons we were at the resort was to film Nicky Hilton and her European introduction of a new line of clothes. Just as we were finishing our food, Nicky and an entourage of her people came into the Taverna. Daniela spotted them and went over to say “hi” (she had done some filming with them earlier in the day). When she came back she said that they invited us over to their table, and by the time we got over there, it was like total confusion, with waiters bringing chairs to the table, people changing places, orders of food being shouted out, introductions being made, some food was already arriving – chaos is a Greek word, you know. Daniela was already seated at the other end of the table when they finally found me a chair and seated me at the other end next to one of the Greek PR persons, who asked me what I wanted to eat. When I told her we had already eaten, she turned to the waiter and said something in Greek. When I asked what she had told him she said, “I ordered you some Meze, which is just something to nibble on – you can’t have nothing when everybody around you is having something.” Well, it turned out that I was not going to be having “nothing” by a long shot, as many plates of many foods got passed around, and different things were put on my plate – lots of different things. So many that I gave up asking what they each were and just relaxed and enjoyed all their delicious and unique flavors. About half way through the evening that same person turned to me and asked me if I like Greek food. When I told her that I had never had Greek food like this before, her face lit up and she told me, “You’re so lucky – this is the way Greek food is meant to be truly experienced: in a Taverna, with lots of people at the same table making lots of noise, and all kinds of foods being passed around and sampled, and everybody talking at the same time. And the laughter you hear at this table is the best Greek seasoning there is.”
My second time in a Taverna was with Daniela. And we were alone. Although we missed out on the “lots of people” aspect, we were sure to add lots of that most important Greek seasoning. Take it from an expert: an authentic Taverna experience is among the best experiences in the world.
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