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Okay, I guess you can tell by these first few blogs into this adventure that Daniela and I were, really, just blown away by this place, Lagonissi. But, honestly, even after a few days, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. I mean, of course, it is a luxury resort, and everything is top drawer, and all that. But, honestly, I have reached an age where that kind of thing is just not as impressive to me as it once may have been. Then, one day, I was just sitting in a chair by our pool and it hit me. Hard! I had found the “secret” of Lagonissi.

It’s the simplicity.

I was just sitting there, with the only sound being the sea washing gently against the rocky shore beneath our bungalow, and I happened to look over our door, and I became absolutely mesmerized by what I saw. I asked Daniela to hand me the camera and began filming; just hoping to capture the beautiful simplicity of what I saw (you can see it yourself, by clicking on the link to the left). It was like one of those startlingly simple paintings by Edward Hopper – just blank, harsh white sunlight intensifying the basic elements of a blue door, a whitewashed wall, and the rocks of the wall. That was “it.” And the “it” was the allure of Lagonissi.

Yes, of course, as I mentioned, everything is indeed “top drawer” at Lagonissi. But there is nothing that is “over the top.” Everything is understated and, actually, kind of low key. Except the “nature” of the place, this is, at once, both discreet and full blown as only nature and the “natural” can be. This is why Lagonissi “plays down” the man-made accoutrements of the place – so you can easily focus on the silence, the breezes, the views of the sea and the overall natural beauty of the place itself.

If you visit Lagonissi you may not get “it” right away (I didn’t!). But, gradually, it kind of overwhelms you. This is why when you are sitting in your bungalow, you do – you really do – feel like you are the only person on the peninsula. This is why you will, eventually, feel this total effect, no matter how badly your senses have been “dulled” by civilization. Let me give you just one more example. On that same day on which this blog was shot, which was three days into our visit, I only then “noticed” the beauty of each of the rocks in the walls. Really, when you look closely at these walls, any section, feels like a “masterpiece” of beauty and simplicity. I looked into it and found that the resort had brought in some of the last remaining craftsmen from Crete, and tons of rocks from Crete, to fashion and make these walls – with each rock being shaped to be square and flat enough to make a decent wall. There are 32 miles of these walls on the peninsula. And I had just noticed them after a few days. But I “felt” them upon my arrival. This sort of celebration of the understated, the simple, the quiet, and the natural may be the last, and certainly the most elusive, luxury remaining in this world.

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