VideoFashion Your Own Private Aegean Beach!- Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece Your Own Private Aegean Beach!- Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece One of the things I forgot to mention in my previous blog about the bungalows, was that all bungalows are directly on, and have direct access to, the Aegean Sea. Our bungalow “shared” a private beachfront with three other bungalows (i.e. they also had access to the same beach). Of course, the beach was about a half-mile long, and the whole time we were there, we only saw one person on it to share it with.
But other bungalows come with their own private beaches – where you are the only one who has access to it. Not only that, but each of these private beaches are situated in very cozy coves that, in addition to being private, assure the maximum privacy as well (for nude sunbathing, or anything else you may want to do in the privacy of your own little section of the Aegean seacoast. Daniela checks out one of these private beaches in her latest videoBlog (Hint: Daniela has a touch of vertigo when it comes to stairs, so check out the camera movement when she comes to her decent – I should say her “almost decent” – of the first stairs she comes to leading down to the beach. Of course she recovers nicely after the break in the tape, and she shows you, in all its glory, the luxury of a private beach on the Aegean!) Enjoy!
For more details or other information about Lagonissi Grand Resort -, please contact the Romanian representative, Andreea Ogrezeanu at: +40.021.313.2840 - Pythia International,



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